MDMA and Other Drugs Enlarged

12.19.13 Marina Galperina

German artist Sarah Schönfeld dropped diluted heroin, ketamine, meth, speed and other recreational and prescribed chemicals onto exposed film negatives. The enlarged images of the altered negative coating make up her “All You Can Feel” series.

All of the substances behaved very differently: the shapes and colors that appeared showed unique characteristics and revealed unique internal universes. Schönfeld explores the possibilities of photography at the frontiers of what can be visually portrayed– the interface between representation and reality.

That’s very pretty. Look all of them. Such art. Let me ask our Backdoor Pharmacist!

“Crystals are cool. You know what owns? Bismuth. Or maybe pyrite that forms perfect cubes on their own.”

Thanks. But what do you think of this art?

“Yes, chemicals have unique structures.”

Just tell me what you think about the art, Pharmacist! Please?

“I’m saying that would have worked with any complex chemical. Even simple ones. In chaotic conditions, they’ll crystallize in strange ways. You can throw some fancy words on it, but you just took pictures of crystals. I remember back when I had a sense of childlike wonder about shit like this and then I died on the inside.”

(Photos: Sarah Schönfeld)