Currently funding on Indiegogo: Sunday Assembly, a non-profit billing itself as a “godless congregation that celebrates life.” What does that mean? It’s a place for non-religious people to get together, talk about things like how to be better person and contribute to your community, and listen to music, without any dogma.

Which probably initially bristles some atheists. If you’re not a fan of organized religion, why emulate it? It’s a question worth pondering. Even the language used on the organization’s page triggers my church-o-phobia, with its talk of a “global movement” and hopes of helping “millions of people live life as fully as possible.”

Nobody has to attend, though, and perhaps this kind of community could fill a hole for a certain type of atheist or agnostic–one who, for example, was disillusioned by church growing up but has fond memories about the togetherness involved, or one who just wants an excuse to volunteer or get together with friends once a week. Plus, putting a friendly, approachable face on non-religious people like us might help a bit with public image.

The organizers began their assembly in London this year and are looking to raise money to export it to other cities. Take a look here and watch their admittedly pretty charming pitch video below.