Something on which we can agree with the NYPD: SantaCon is the least wonderful time of the year. The drunk, entitled B&T bros taking over your local bar while their drunk, entitled B&T girlfriends yell at them for looking a little too long at that group of scantily-clad elves. Mrs. Claus vomits in the middle of St. Marks while Santa gives the finger to a nearby innocent child. Red as far as the eye can see fills up the N train, as the crowd migrates from Times Square to the East Village. It is an ugly, ugly scene.

Now, some heroic Midtown cops are taking action, writing letters to 30 bars and clubs in the area, asking them not to allow the holiday revelers.

“The number of participants has grown large enough to completely overwhelm the sidewalks and public spaces,” wrote Lieutenant John Cocchi. “Having thousands of intoxicated partygoers roam the streets urinating, littering, vomiting and vandalizing will not be tolerated in our neighborhood.┬áIt is my recommendation that you do not sponsor this event in any way.”

Of course, the cops’ efforts will probably just send the Santas downtown. SantaCon 2013 is December 14. Have fun, Manhattanites!

(Photo: Dave Bledsoe/Flickr)