MTA Could Get Open, Articulated Subway Trains

10.21.13 Andy Cush

In a report released this month, the MTA revealed it is considering the benefits of articulated subway trains–that is, trains with no doors between cars. That’s a photo of an articulated public transit train in Toronto above.

The design offers passengers freedom to move around the entire train during travel, and is more efficient is well: with crowds dispersed evenly, there aren’t as many jams at the doors as riders get on and off.

The agency didn’t include an estimate for how much employing articulated trains would cost, however, and it isn’t clear when or even if it would begin using them.

“If you make a bad call on changing equipment in a new subway car order,” MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg said, “the consequences can be pretty serious.”

(Photo: Ryan Flores/Flickr)