New Williamsburg Luxury Building Features Heated Sidewalks

Why move to Castle Braid, ground zero of the “hipster Civil War,” when you can have 101 Bedford? The new Williamsburg luxury condo complex is even more transparently bougie than its Bushwick counterpart, featuring a movie theater, swimming pool, gym, wine cellar, pet spa, game room, roof deck “with barbecue station,” library, and “club lounge.” It will also be surrounded by 8,000 square feet of heated sidewalk.

“Heating the sidewalks sends the message that we prioritize both their safety and comfort,” developer Yoel Sabel told Curbed, though it’s unclear whether warm pavement will be enough to keep 101 Bedfordites safe protected from the notoriously frostbitten streets of Williamsburg’s North Side. Maybe it will just attract homeless people.