Though the sting of the fare hike voted in last year is still keenly felt, the next round of price increases for public transportation riders is already on the horizon. Fortunately, we may not be seeing as big a jump as originally projected.

The MTA had planned to increase fares and tolls by 7.5 percent in 2015 and 2017. Now, thanks to improved finances, the transit authority has lowered that figure to four percent. No word on how those increases would manifest, but MTA officials have said base fares would only increase in 25-cent increments if at all.

The┬áTransport Workers Union Local 100, which represents transit workers, wasn’t happy with the new budget, as it would require that labor costs don’t rise for three years. Union president John Samuels argues that there’s enough money for the MTA to eliminate the fare hikes entirely and give raises to employees.

(Mr. T in DC/Flickr)