Did you think I’d miss that Fight Club-y split-second slit shot? C’mon, Lars von Trier. Update: YouTube took it down. Vimeo above. Tsk-tsk.

After teasing with orgasm face character posters and pre-treatises of this film-thing he allegedly invented called Digressionism, von Trier dropped the Nymphomaniac trailer today. Unlike those almost abstract vignettes of debauchery, this is a very non-experimental trailer, pounding you with bits of the movie and ending with a Rammstein theme song, woo. Watch the NSFW trailer for snippets of sexy misadventures, like Charlotte Ginsberg getting bare-assed, restrained over a chair and whipped. But she’s “a terrible person” so this is all going to end terribly.

Considering that cutting-edge technology von Trier is using to superimpose x-rated action and anatomy from adult industry doubles onto the celebrity cast, why don’t you try and guess whose () this is: