For about nine months, the area surrounding the Barclays Center has been outfitted with roughly a dozen police surveillance cameras. Installed high up on light posts, they bear large, easy to see NYPD seals, and provide a 24/7 live feed to officers at the 78th Precinct.

“It’s a big arena and like any major venue or any bridges or tunnels or stadiums or schools and colleges, they will have cameras for safety,” said Deputy Inspector Michael Ameri, the precinct’s commanding officer.

Even the NYCLU, generally staunchly anti-surveillance, doesn’t seem to have a problem with them. That organization’s Chris Dunn likens the boxes, because they aren’t hidden, to “akin to having officers standing guard in those spots,”  the Brooklyn Paper writes.

Of course, we’re always wary of surveillance of any kind, but in this case, consider the silver lining: cops (and police informants) seem to get breaking the law on camera just as often as civilians do.

(Photo: Darkhunger/Wikimedia Commons)