On Saturday, throngs of protesters gathered in front of Toronto’s City Hall to protest Mayor Rob Ford. Many called for the embattled mayor to step down, holding signs with slogans like “We don’t want bobble heads. We want clear heads. Resign!” and “You’re only representing yourself. Time to resign!”

ANIMAL spoke to several of the protesters–and one Ford supporter–many of whom were happy to offer up their opinions on Ford. “What the council did was a really good step,” said attendee Ted Hawkins, who held a “Crackula” sign, referring to Toronto City Council’s vote to strip the mayor of some of his powers. “He’s still the mayor and he’s a very poor representative of our city.” After watching today’s incident involving the mayor, we can’t imagine what their signs will say next.

See portraits of the protesters along with their comments above.

(Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)