Proust: An App That Rewards Your Judginess

For the last few months, the ANIMAL staff has been beta-testing Proust, a free iOS app released this week that was developed by Mother, our parent company. In short, it’s a game that asks you to create five-item lists, then rank and judge them with your friends. We can claim some involvement as well, as ANIMAL’s own Nate Cepis created all of the in-game illustrations.

My favorite thing about Proust is the spectrum of attention it accommodates: on the one hand, Proust can be a mindless time-waster; on the other, it can inspire sustained thought about making the perfect list. It can also elicit a pretty wide range of emotions, from amusement to shock and horror. We play it a lot at the ANIMAL office. (We’re playing it as I write this.)

One downside: it’s currently only available on iPhone and requires Facebook to log in.

Here’s a funny video the Proust team made to promote it.