“Rich Serbian Bachelor” Is Not “Icelandic Cult Leader” But He’s Real and Terrible

10.18.13 Marina Galperina

Earlier this week, we attempted to investigate the origins of the viral “Rich Serbian Bachelor” aka “Modern Russian Prince,” and ended up down a wrong turn through the internet rabbit hole. Despite some similarities in internet activity, is not the same person. I apologize profusely for this error. This sometimes happens, but I’m particularly sorry it happened to you.

And also, sorry that it tied you to him, which according to a story Metro Sweden dug up that I couldn’t, “Igor” is really Igor.

And he really was looking for virgins age 16 to 20. When a Russian journalist from Pravda attempted to interview him, he told her, “Darling, throw a coat over your naked body and come to me, because I’m not into hanging out at cafes and parks.” And later, “So, idiot, are you rejecting my offer? I have paintings here that every museum would be jealous of, and you’re turning it down. I’m not going to rape you. We’ll have some champagne with strawberries and chat.”

The journalist has not visited the “castle” which is speculated to actually be the showroom of Igor’s furniture company.