Russian rapper Timati has just released a music video for a song called GQ. The premise of this Drake-ish spectacle is that this is “business class rap” and hence, women write editorial pieces for GQ on the morning after having sex with him. Because style. GQ the rap video features:

— A well-dressed man riding a pony.
— A well-dressed man bumpin’ his head to an antique gramophone.
— A bejeweled faux-flapper licking a GQ-logo-shaped ice pop.
— The line “I am as fresh as an owner of a dry-cleaners.”
— Very famous, well-dressed-up 65-year-old comedian Vladimir Vinokur.
— Various bling pageantry in form of an ouroboros‎ of re-re-re-reappropriated culture gyrating sleekly on some granite or something like that.

“I was as surprised as anyone when Timati called me to inform me that he had written a song called GQ,” GQ Russia Editor in Chief and New York ex-pat Michael Idov (seen in the video brandishing a golf club) tells ANIMAL. “We could be killjoys and resist it or say what the hell and go along with it – and… here we are. With a pony!”

Well played, sir. Well played.