Russian Oligarch Bought a $95,000 Truffle in New York, Of Course

10.15.13 Marina Galperina

Big news in big money people: A Russian named Vladimir Olegovich Potanin purchased a $95,000 white truffle from Upper East Side’s Nello restaurant. It’s said to be the biggest white truffle in the world and it costs $95,000. $95,000, did you get that? It’s ok, because to him, it’s peanuts. Potantin is the fourth richest man in Russia with an estimated worth of $17.8 billion.

Potantin made his money off the notorious loans-for-shares program by capitalizing on the privatization of state-owned assets after the Soviet Union collapsed when he became one of the very few tycoons owning all the formerly collective and government-managed property and resources.

This resulted in a catastrophic wealth gap known as “Catastroika” — “the most cataclysmic peacetime economic collapse of an industrial country in history.”

Now, Potantin mostly deals in nickel. His former long-time business partner is Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the Brooklyn Nets.

I am being informed that “peanuts” is a bad metaphor because truffles are a kind of mushroom or something?

(Photo: Libertatea)