The fight to save the turkeys of Staten Island just found a new ally in PETA. A group of the birds on the grounds at the South Beach Psychiatric Center are being killed off by USDA officials after employees at the Psychiatric Center complained that the animals are messy and aggressive, DNAinfo reports.

Local animal rights activists had a partial victory when 28 of the turkeys were relocated to the Catskills Animal Sanctuary, there are still as many still on the grounds, and the USDA has no plans to halt its cull. That’s where PETA came in, issuing an alert that urged supporters to get in touch with officials at the Psychiatric Center.

If the turkeys can be saved, they may need to find a home outside of the Catskills Animal Sanctuary. According to David Karopkin of GooseWatch NYC, they’ve been free too long to be kept inside.

“They’re very wild animals, they don’t belong in a sanctuary,” he said. “The turkeys that are from Staten Island have been on the streets for a really long time, they have a grittiness to them.”

(Photo: Lookcatalog/Flickr)