Science Proves Cats Are Jerks

11.26.13 Kyle Petreycik

Though cats can tell the difference between voices, they are generally unmoved, cold and  downright rude when called by the people who they definitely, definitely recognize as their owners. A study by the University of Tokyo has found that they’re just “too cool.”

Results show that 50%-70% of cats turned their heads when being called, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are acknowledging us — mainly because they have far more important feline things to attend to, such as licking themselves and laying down.

According to further research, only about 10% of cats made a noise or moved their tails after being called, which is their equivalent of replying to us.

Yes, an actual scientific study had to be conducted to prove what most of us have already known — cats are assholes.

(Image: Flickr/Manuel Cheminod)