It hasn’t snowed in Cairo in 112 years, according to guesstimate by a guy on Twitter that was taken as a fact, echoed by media outlets around the internet, and then disproven.

Suffice it to say that it hasn’t snowed in Cairo in many, many years and Egyptians are pretty excited about it. Let us now celebrate with this rare occurrence with giddy documentation of people sculpting humanoid blobs from whatever measly snowflake fluff they can scrape together, with various trimmings representing their heritage.

(Photo: @Hragy/Twitter)
(Photo: @Farah_7ossam/Twitter)

(Photo: @amiraakhaled/Twitter)
(Photo: @NevineAbaza/Twitter)

(Photo: @Egypture_/Twitter)

(Photo: @Ramiii/Twitter)
(Lead image: @dellamargaretta/Twitter)