Snowy Owls Safe for Now at NYC Airports

A day after it was reported that any snowy owls found at NYC airports would be killed, the Port Authority is backing off, announcing that it will “move immediately toward implementing a program to trap and relocate snowy owls that pose a threat to aircraft.” A few unfortunate owls were killed over the weekend, before the Port Authority decided to pursue a more humane route.

Donald Gelestino of Long Island is offering his 170 plot of land upstate as a sanctuary for the displaced birds. “Even in the hunting world, you don’t shoot a snowy owl,” he told the Daily News.

Snowy owls are beautiful, majestic birds; it’s understandable that killing them off would rile people up, even if they really do pose a threat to aircraft. Considerably less good-looking Canada geese, however, are still shit out of luck.

(Photo: Doug Brown/Flickr)