About 2,500 applicants to Fordham University got good news in their inboxes this week: “Congratulations once again on your admission to Fordham University,” read an emailed notice that, curiously, was mostly about financial aid.

Those students’ happiness, unfortunately, was short-lived. It turns out they hadn’t actually been accepted–the congratulation notice was a mistake on the part of the school and a third-party contractor. Two thousand of the recipients were actually deferred, and the other 500 were outright rejected, according to the New York Times

“Fordham and its undergraduate admissions staff are acutely aware of the high hopes prospective students and their families have regarding college acceptances,” read a statement from the Bronx-based University. “The University deeply regrets that some applicants were misled by the financial aid notice.”

(Photo: Chriscobar/Wikimedia Commons)