Sorry, The “Anonymous Guestbook” Isn’t Banksy

10.25.13 Andy Cush

The Daily News is reporting on the “first interactive Banksy piece” of “Better Out Than In.” Apparently, it’s an “anonymous guestbook” that the artist stenciled to the side of a Red Hook building. Everyone is invited to tag the wall, culminating in a democratic, collaborative piece of street art. The excitement started after Deirdre Swords, founder of the Red Hook Art Project, claimed she reached out to Banksy by leaving her business card with a security guard at another piece. According to Swords, the stencil appeared shortly thereafter.

How heartwarming.

It’s not Banksy though. Another group, simply dubbed “Anonymous Guestbook,” is taking credit. They’ve posted a video to YouTube documenting the creation of the Red Hook stencil piece and have a website showcasing the project, which shows “guestbooks” in several different NYC locations.

Whoever they are, according to their domain name registration, they live on Catherine Street in Williamsburg.