The Daily News is reporting on the “first interactive Banksy piece” of “Better Out Than In.” Apparently, it’s an “anonymous guestbook” that the artist stenciled to the side of a Red Hook building. Everyone is invited to tag the wall, culminating in a democratic, collaborative piece of street art. The excitement started after Deirdre Swords, founder of the Red Hook Art Project, claimed she reached out to Banksy by leaving her business card with a security guard at another piece. According to Swords, the stencil appeared shortly thereafter.

How heartwarming.

It’s not Banksy though. Another group, simply dubbed “Anonymous Guestbook,” is taking credit. They’ve posted a video to YouTube documenting the creation of the Red Hook stencil piece and have a website showcasing the project, which shows “guestbooks” in several different NYC locations.

Whoever they are, according to their domain name registration, they live on Catherine Street in Williamsburg.