The latest damning report on stop-and-frisk comes from the office of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Just half of stop-and-frisk-related arrests lead to convictions for the people stopped, the study found, and only a tenth of a percent of stops resulted in violent crime-related pleas or verdicts. CBS has further analysis of the stats.

“My office’s analysis of the city’s stop-and-frisk practices has broad implications for law enforcement, both in New York City and across the state. It’s our hope that this report — the first of its kind — will advance the discussion about how to fight crime without overburdening our institutions or violating equal justice under the law,” said Schneiderman. “The vast amount of data we analyzed over four years should serve as a helpful guide to municipalities and law enforcement officials around the state, where stop-and-frisk practices are used to varying degrees.”

I wonder if Ray Kelly thinks Schneiderman is full of shit, too.