The Sandy-themed wall that is Swoon is creating in partnership with the Groundswell Community Mural Project will be finished today. ANIMNAL’s Yossera Bouchtia is on scene and dispatched a photo of what it looked like as of 5:15PM.

In related street art news, there are rumors swirling around that a soon-to-be-unveiled Banksy is occupying space right next to the Bowery Wall where Billy’s Antiques and Props used to operate out of. Our very own Aymann Ismail is scouting the location.

He said that a security guard told him that “the gate to the property will open at 6pm,” the same time that Banksy’s piece will apparently be announced.

There’s a big object covered by a tarp and there are speakers, floodlights, and what looks like those rainbow disco balls surrounding it. Photographers are climbing the fence trying to get a sneak preview.

Here’s what it looks like through a hole in the tarp. Grim reaper, is that you?

(Swoon photo: Yossera Bouchita/ANIMALNewYork, Other photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)