Teen Injects Krokodil Into Her Genitals, Her Genitals Rot

Mexican media reports that a 17-year-old girl allegedly arrived to a public health office in Jalisco after two months of using the world’s worst heroin alternative. She’s been shooting krokodil up into her genitals. It had “rotted her genitals.”

No. You sit here and you think about this.

Because you scoffed at Russian photos and videos of lacerated green flesh falling off screaming people. Because you shrugged at  the calm medical explanation as to why this cocktail of desomorphine, gasoline, rubber and shit is the least fun drug of all time. Because despite all the unglamorous proof that this is not “a hot new club drug,” you still think it’s some sort of hot new club drug from the gritty slums of post-Soviet aesthetics…

You sit here and you think about this. You picture a 17-ear-old teenage girl’s vagina, its chemically burnt and scarred tissue dying in patches, rejecting itself, and — in gangrenous clumps — falling in, falling out.

(Photo: Steven Depolo/Flickr)