Krokodil is that hot new club drug slightly-cheaper heroin “alternative” of the truly desperate — over-the-counter desomorphine cooked with dirt, gasoline, rubber and other shit that ROTS YOUR ARMS OFF and TIME’s LightBox just ran a beautiful set of photographs on some of its users.

Italian photographer Emanuele Satolli has been photographing and videotaping addicts in the industrial city of Yekaterinburg. These are very beautiful photographs. A far cry from those first gut-wrenching images and videos we mined from the Russian blogosphere in 2011.

But meet Zhanna. Watch her shoot up and nod out in a cookhouse in a video by Satolli for TIME LightBox. Stay tuned as she explains to you how the only reason she’s not dead (yet) is because she is a very good krokodil cook — she hasn’t poisoned herself to death like most of her user friends and since she can’t keep a job (because she can’t keep herself upright), she survives off other addicts who commission her to cook them some “pure” krokodil. This is a very beautiful video.

Least fun drug ever. And now depressing news about the millions of Russian krokodil addicts:

A ban on over-the-counter codeine sales that was introduced on June 1, 2012, has brought numbers down sharply, but Emanuele Satolli… says many now score that key ingredient on the black market.