He’s back! For the last few years, photos of a proud, chubby, rosy-cheeked little man posing inside a gilded palace in donning fur coats, suits and silk robes have been circulating online. Apparently, the Serbian media has been reposting them for the past 72 hours and they’ve made The Daily Mail, credited to “Don Milisav Juan Gonzales Brzi” which, upon further research, is inaccurate — and more likely someone’s jokey username than his actual name.

You know him as “Rich Serbian Bachelor,” but before that, he was “Modern Russian Prince.” Follow me now into the Internet of Yesteryear!

The photos first began circulating in 2009, when LiveJournal was all the rage in Russia. I found them on Katoga browsing the now-mysteriously retired LiveJournal.ru directory. By then, it was already a repost from a Mambo.ru dating website profile, now deleted. I translated it for you:

Igor: Russia, St. Petersburg; Age: 39

Looking for: a young lady, aged 16-20

Who I’m looking for: My kingdom is getting larger, but no worthy Cinderella yet (without harmful habits, with good physical attributes and a presence of intellect), for transformation into a princess, capable of devotion, loyalty and love  (without any intimate past, knowing what honor is from a young age). DO NOT WRITE: If you are a megalomaniac who considers herself to be the last ass on the planet; sad losers; defective items from the marriage market; PEOPLE WITH NONTRADITIONAL ORIENTATION; jealous idiots, whose discussions, advice, questions no one here needs. Don’t leave comments; I am not interested. I am not just selling my body, for I am picky. Serious inquiries only, other verbal diarrhea will not be read.

Goal: Marriage, family.


It is likely that because it was a swiped profile, pre-Nice Guys on Cupid style, “Igor” is a fake name.

Who is he? UPDATE: He’s Igor. My sincere apologies. Thank you, better tipsters.

Meet Vilhelm Ulfar Vihelmsson (Romanov) Rasputin and he lives in Latvia (UPDATE: Nope, he lives in Iceland.) As you can see, the opulent photo-shoot took place in 2007. At the time, he had a Google ad soliciting money in a rather strange manner. It was passed around the Russian blogosphere a bit. (UPDATE: And I shouldn’t have trusted the Russian blogosphere because they were wrong.) He’s also the leader of Wolves, the cult of Ulfarism. Here are some bits from their website, Google-“translated:”

Ulfarism or Úlfarism in Icelandic is Wolves’s belief that he created from young age but did not write until he found out who he is should he tugötvaði in Russia or rather in Latvia in 2000.
Wolves fatalism or religious organization Eternal Life full name Vilhelm Wolves Vilhelmsson He was born in Akureyri, December 4, 1966 at Regional Hospital coward their Cruisers.

Allegedly, he is the first born of the “surviving” princess Nikolevna Anastasia Romanov, which explains the whole princess hang-up.

Wolves to believe that one is able to add his own life because he can see that his purpose to correct the legacy of humanity is justified by so many, if not millions, are now wolves thanks anyway have a life.