These Inside-Out Nikes Are Very Fashionable

10.23.13 Andy Cush

I’m not much of a high fashion guy, or even a sneaker guy for that matter, but if I was, I would be rocking these sneakers from designer Elisa van Joolen.

Van Joolen takes unused sample stock from Nike, turns them inside out, removes the soles, then attaches the bottoms of cheap flip flops. What results are the minimal, slightly space-age designs you see above. I love how the “SAMPLE: NOT FOR RESALE” text becomes its own kind of logo.

The Nike soles get reused too–Van Joolen turns them into sandals using shoestrings for straps.

The recycled sneakers were shortlisted for an award at the Dutch Design Awards (the same awards that honored these fake shoes supposedly made from the skin of bioengineered animals). See more pictures in the gallery.