Times Square Cookie Monster
Goes to Jail

04.08.13 Andy Cush

The latest in the seemingly endless barrage of Times Square mascots (and Sesame Street characters) behaving badly came this weekend, as a Cookie Monster named Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez allegedly punched a two-year-old in the face. The exchange came to  blows came after the tot posed for a picture with Quiroz-Lopez and his mother refused to cough up the $2 the Monster demanded. Natch.

Just to review, in the past months, we’ve had a Spider-Man who punched a mom, an anti-semitic Elmo, a pervy Super Mario, and a mascot who said his fellow characters were all “degenerate crackhead alcoholics.”

ANIMAL put together a photo essay of the degenerates last fall.

(Photo: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)