Tommy: Swedish Gangster Mommy Thriller

“Estelle” isn’t like most moms. Watch this trailer for Scandinavian crime film Tommy. Twitch Film explains:

Moa Gammel stars as Estelle, the wife of a mid tier gangster living on the run after a job gone bad. But just before Christmas Estelle returns home with the couple’s young daughter and a very simple message: Tommy is coming home and it’s time for everyone to pay their debts.

In between cooking drugs and wrapping someone screaming in cellophane, Gammel packs a hard Nico vibe, little kid in tow.

This looks very different from Swedish director Tarik Saleh’s previous film — the CGI-animated scifi Metropia with Vincent Gallo and Juliette Lewis — and from most genre crime revenge dramas in general.

Due out March 2014.