Tomorrow afternoon Zach Feuer Gallery will be having their very own Street Fighter tournament. The event will be hosted by artist Jon Rafman and Team PIE in conjunction with his solo exhibition “YOU ARE STANDING IN AN OPEN FIELD” which will remain on view in the gallery until October 26th. The pairing is only natural, as nearly all of Rafman’s work is heavily influenced by video games.

After contacting the gallery we were pretty disappointed to learn that we couldn’t sign up to play few rounds of this arcade classic ourselves. The tournament will begin promptly at 5pm tomorrow evening and already has a confirmed line-up of participants.

The event will take place in honor of the old Chinatown Fair arcade and will be streaming live here.

Zach Feuer Gallery, October 19th, 548 West 22nd Street, 5-9 pm, Chelsea, NY

(Image: Screen Robot)