Top 4 Seasons of 2013

12.18.13 Skyler David

In 2013, I officially cancelled Summer right before it started, for personal reasons. Sorry everyone.

Spring is only as high as #3 on a technicality of Summer having been cancelled. Spring is a fucking tease, year in and year out. It’s barely a season at all. In 2013, we had Spring for maybe 2 weeks before it became sweltering hot. Fuck off, Spring, we don’t need you anymore.

Are you kidding me, Winter? You got #2 this year but don’t think for one second that you’ve earned it. That was a bullshit Winter and you know it. March had almost 4x more snow than December and January combined. I barely had to use my space heater. Mediocre at best.

Although we’ve technically still got a couple more days of Autumn left, I think it’s safe to say that this year was an exemplary one for the back-to-school season. Textbook hoodie weather. Just enough sprinkling of snow. And for those people with trees, I’m sure the turning of the leaves was nice too. Keep it up, Fall.

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