Uruguay Becomes World’s Coolest Country

12.26.13 Bucky Turco

Uruguay, a tiny country with giant balls in South America, has become one of the only nations in the entire world to fully legalize weed. On Monday evening, President Jose Mujica signed legislation allowing for the sale and consumption of cannabis. Lawmakers have until April to nail down the specifics, but it will reportedly be very cheap ($1 a gram) and in the meantime, households can grow up to six plants, according to Russia Today.

Raymond Yans of the UN’s draconian International Narcotics Control Board doesn’t approve of the move and popped some shit about Uruguay breaking a “universally agreed and internationally endorsed treaty” on cannabis. Mujica wasn’t having it, and appropriately responded: “Tell that old man to stop lying.” Ohhh! That old man also tried to interfere with the affairs of the United States when he urged Attorney General Eric Holder to block Colorado and Washington from being awesome and will presumably do the same to New York if all goes well.