The Wonderful, Colorful Glitches of Google Street View

12.02.13 Andy Cush

Some delightfully simple Google Maps art from Emilio Vavarella: “Report a Problem,” from the artist’s Google Trilogy, is a 100-image collection of screencapped images of glitches Vavarella found while wandering through Street View. That’s it. Writes Vavarella on his site:

“Report a Problem” is the message that appears at the bottom of the Google Street View screen, which allows viewers to report a problem during the viewing of the place they are virtually visiting: missing censorship, wrong colors, random appearances. I traveled on Google Street View photographing all the “wrong landscapes” I encountered before others could report the problems and prompt the company to adjust the images. Common landscapes are transformed by Google’s unexpected technical errors into something new.

The trilogy’s other two installments are worth a look as well. “Michele’s Story” collects Google Maps images of car crashes and “The Driver and the Cameras” features images of Street View car drivers.

See some highlights from “Report a Problem” in the gallery.