Would You Ride This Electric Penny-Farthing?

For the lazy and/or weak-legged insufferable history buff, here’s the “E-Velocipede Concept 1865,” a concept electric bike from the German design house Ding3000 and plastics company BASF that looks like a Back to The Future 2 update on a 19th century Penny-farthing.

Much like on an actual Penny-farthing, the pedals are connected directly to the front wheel (ultimate fixie status achieved), but the Concept 1865 augments the original with an electric motor on the back wheel and a battery pack inside the seat. In a perfectly German touch, the pattern on the bright blue handlebar grips matches the tread on the tires.

From the creators.

By implementing this design study Ding3000 obviously does not intend to reinvent the bicycle, let alone the wheel. Under the slogan “Rethinking Materials”, the unusual e-bike is in fact an invitation to customers to join the company in developing new applications and product ideas utilising advanced plastics. It is an invitation to question the status quo and create something new – just as the pioneers of cycling did in their time.

Would you ride it, though?