Poll: Ignorant NJ Residents Support Christie’s Quarantine Of Ebola Nurse

11.06.14 Amy K. Nelson

Proving just how stupid and ignorant they are, residents of New Jersey support Governor Chris Christie’s extreme quarantine of Kaci Hickox, a new poll says.

Hickox, a volunteer nurse with Doctors Without Borders who returned from Sierra Leone in October, was put in a tent — akin to prison — without her consent upon arrival in the states. She remained there for three days until being allowed to return to her rural Maine home.

Hickox — who by the does not and has never had Ebola — didn’t have a toilet, couldn’t talk to her friends and family, and initially was denied a lawyer. At the time, Christie called her “obviously ill” — a flat out lie — and then said this nonsense:

I’m sorry if in any way she was inconvenienced, but the inconvenience that could occur from having folks who are symptomatic and ill out and amongst the public is a much, much greater concern of mine.

And of course, Christie’s constituency is proving to be just as dumb and alarmist as he is. At least, according to a recent poll of New Jersey residents, who still support Christie’s extreme and inhumane treatment of Hickox. And not only do they support it, they support it by two thirds — 67 percent — according to the Monmouth University poll.

Reports the Asbury Park Press:

Most say that the actual threat Ebola poses to the Garden State is no more than a minor one, but a 1-in-4 minority fear that it may present a serious risk. Practically every New Jersey voter has been following news about Ebola, with 88 percent reporting they’ve heard a lot about the issue.

Hickox, meanwhile, remains in Maine, still without Ebola.

(Photo: Gage Skidmore)
(Image: Rhett Jones/ANIMAL New York)