Consistently dope graffiti writer FUTURA painted a bunch of basketballs for Sprite and will be auctioning them off for the Boy’s Club of America. To announce the project, the soda maker released a video, complete with highly dramatic editing and soundtrack, which is cool, except for the one shot of a strategically placed bottle of Sprite. It just wasn’t necessary even if its inclusion was only for a fleeting second. Just the act of working with FUTURA virtually guaranteed the brand lots of exposure and blog posts on all the coolest of cool guy sites.

It’s hard to imagine what prompted the brand team on this to insist on the actual soft drink making a cameo. Was it ROI, hubris, or just a Mad Men way of thinking that still permeates the advertising industry? Most likely, it was a combination of all three and the same strategy they applied in deciding to release multiple teasers. Here’s some free advice to marketers and artists and anyone releasing videos who aren’t working on blockbuster superhero films. You only get one shot to reach your audience. Why dilute that chance and potential view count on YouTube by releasing several spots? Do companies really think an editor is going to post two teasers and the finished cut? Not even Hypebeast did that. It’s not going to happen no matter who the talent is. Sprite may be internalizing its “For the Thirsty” tagline a bit too much.