Why Go Daddy’s Super Bowl Ad Was So Boring This Year

02.02.15 Prachi Gupta

This year, web hosting company GoDaddy ditched its usual sexist Super Bowl fare starring buxom women with long locks and replaced it with …a guy sitting at a desk working. Though perhaps refreshing for some, the spot was so tonally odd that reps issued a tweet to clarify that it was not a stunt:

The original ad was a parody of Budweiser’s ridiculous horse-meets-puppy tradition, ending with the puppy being sold via a website. GoDaddy released the 30-second commercial, which cost $4.5 million, on the internet on Tuesday. As soon as it landed, however, animal rights activists launched a Change.org petition and gathered 42,000 signatures to protest its irresponsible message. GoDaddy, forever a courter of controversy, apologized and pulled it.

Another ad was then hacked together overnight with footage on-file, narrated by a guy who has never done any voice acting. It sucked.

Next time, they should just hire Tim & Eric, who can even make glue look sexy.