24 Creator’s Kennedy Mini-Series Appears to be Factually Challenged

02.18.10 Cajun Boy


So Joel Surnow, the conservative who is the writer/creator of the TV series “24,” is producing a mini-series about the Kennedy family for the History Channel. The script for said series made its way into the hands of some historians, who are so appalled by the distortion of facts contained within — like that the Berlin Wall was JFK’s idea — that they’re now trying to kill the project.

Says Robert Greenwald, leader of the effort to get the History Channel to abort the series:

“It was around December that one or two people said you have to read this script. The script was around because they were casting it,” Greenwald explained, when asked what drew him to the project. “The question became what to do. So we drew up a list of about 20 reputable historians and we decided to go to them first to see what their take was… We didn’t give them any bias or anything and the results were beyond our expectation.”

Here’s the video Greenwald created to spearhead the campaign: