5-23-11 Is Upon Us

05.23.11 Bucky Turco

The Rapture may have come and gone, but starting today, Armageddeon is being waged on smokers within the city’s pedestrian plazas, parks and beaches as Mayor Bloomberg’s severe new law takes effect. Since the NYPD won’t be enforcing the measure and there’s a shortage of Parks officers to issue the $50 fine, New Yorkers are being deputized to police their own.

The Parks Department says offenders should be given a verbal warning and if that doesn’t work, citizen patrollers are encouraged to snitch:

If someone refuses to stop smoking in a park, beach or other area where smoking is prohibited, New Yorkers are encouraged to inform a Parks Department employee or a Park Enforcement Officer if one is available. Otherwise, complaints can be made by calling 311.

This should go over real well.