5 Pointz Destruction Delayed on Court Order

10.22.13 Andy Cush

Good news for the potentially doomed graffiti haven 5 Pointz: Judge Frederic Block issued a restraining order this week that will keep the Long Island City building’s owners from beginning demolition or repainting in the next ten days.

The Observer gives a little legal background:

To ward off G&M’s wrecking balls, [5 Pointz lawyer Jeannine Chanes] trotted out a little-known and largely untested fragment of law known as the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 (VARA), one clause of which allows visual artists of a particular stripe to prevent the unauthorized destruction or alteration of works installed inextricably in buildings. 5 Pointz’s aerosol paintings, which cover virtually every inch of the G&M warehouse,  conform perfectly to the sort of work the law was designed to protect, Ms. Chanes told us.

We’ll see what happens next.