750 Geese Gassed To Death Near JFK

07.16.12 David Lumb

The US Department of Agriculture’s recent mass slaughter of 751 geese from the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge halved the 1500-strong goose population in the refuge. Targeting the geese during their vulnerable molting season was apparently totally okay with U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, whose April plan would’ve killed an even 1000 from the refuge if the season hadn’t ended.

David Karopkin, the Brooklynite founder of GooseWatch NYC, called the USDA out for dismissing his and other media outlets’ requests for documentation, and doubts the safety that enforced bird culling allegedly ensures–the birds that brought down the Airbus A320 of the “Miracle On The Hudson” were from Labrador, Canada. What the gassing is, he says, is inhumane. The subsequent shipping of culled geese upstate for processing and donation to food banks isn’t secure either, he says (not to mention the packaged geesemeat has gone out-of-state to nearby Pennsylvania Oregon).

The Metro.us article noted that, while the 751 geese is a large haul and outstrips last year’s 575 geese killed, this year’s culling hasn’t approached 2010’s record high of 1,676 killed. 1,276 were killed in 2009, the goose hunt’s inaugural year.

(Photo: kiyoshi.be/Flickr)