Fist Fight Over Fried Chicken at Prospect Park ‘GoogaMooga’ Food Festival

05.20.12 ANIMAL

After a first day that has been called by many attendees a “shit show,” with long lines, technical difficulties resulting in missing money, and–most damning–a serious shortage of food (and little booze to smooth out hard feelings), it’s looking like tensions are still running high at The Great GoogaMooga food festival in Prospect Park, where one ANIMAL reporter just filmed a group of people about to come to blows over–wait for it–a piece of fried chicken.

Update from our man-in-the-tent:

It was at the Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken booth. I kinda caught the tail end (because I was at the front of the line trying to grab some grub).

Overall, It is a great concept with great talent (music and curation of restaurants, chefs, etc.), but just very poorly planned. Crazy lines, no water available, no cell service and no wifi (yet they encourage you to download an app?) so you can’t find anyone. I feel for the producers… This shit is hard to get right, especially out of the gate, but I must say they really fucked a lot of stuff up.