A Gross, Million Dollar, Jewel-Incrusted Russian Breakfast

11.28.11 Marina Galperina

It’s been awhile since I’ve fallen in love with a physical piece of art, but this nontraditional spin on the fabergé egg just sold for $1.1 million to the Fabergé Museum in Baden Baden, Germany and it’s amazing. Behold: a glass of vodka (rock crystal), gnawed fish left-overs (silver), fly-topped fried egg (amber and white enamel) and cigarette butts (quarts and silver.) Yum?

Russian artist-jeweler Peter Karl Fabergé — yes, the Fabergé — wasn’t just making opulent eggs for Czarist Russia’s 0.001%, you see. As accented by the silver replica of an oily sheet of newspaper circa October 18, 1905, this stone-cut still life commemorates the day the Tsar signed the October Manifesto, “an attempt to quell unrest in Russia by granting the people various civil liberties and democratic reforms.” Not that it worked…

Considering the class discourse within current social climate, this prime serving of vintage avant garde is very appropriate. Also, pricey. You’re supposed to be choking on irony right now.