‘A Guide to the Market Oligopoly System’ Explained

12.29.10 Marina Galperina

If you need some guidance navigating William Powhida grand diagram run-down of the business of art — A Guide to the Market Oligopoly Systemread this and then mentally weasel yourself into the pyramid and start scheming, if you wish. Beware that the pyramid rests upon “the yearning masses” — masses yearning for Gaga, masses that “don’t understand contemporary art or art history.”

Down there are “submereged artists” “deep in debt,” up there are Koons/Hirst/Murakami $tars and everything in between from pop-ups to fairs is… in between. Locations are ranked from Topeka and Bushwick up to London and NYC (which Bushwick… ain’t?) and so are top art schools, up from Yale and down to Pratt.

See it large bellow and largest here. Study up!