A Memorial for a Roach

04.19.12 Marina Galperina

“This is a tribute to a cockroach that lived its life to the fullest. 2012 — 2012.”

Roaches are disgusting. Smite the disgusting roaches! And yet, the Minneapolis-based Carmichael Collective almost draws a tear with their tiny street intervention Bug Memorials. Disgusting roaches… But, aw, see the squashed crawly beasties laid out dead with dignity, surrounded by tiny framed portraits, flowers, bitsy toy bears, the whole ceremonial hoopla unravelled on the pavement. Eh, roaches… But, aw, the sentimental music is a nice touch. They do have a bit of a personality sometimes, don’t they? They way the scatter across your concrete with a purposeful gait, and then, they die. Aw. Eh. “RIP little buddy.”