A Somber Place for Celebration

07.30.12 Joshua Rivera

A cemetery is an odd place to hold a wedding. The New York Marble Cemetery has hosted four. It’s also been a venue for recitals, birthday parties, and a Vogue photo shoot. So much celebrating among the dead may be a tad unsettling, but the Marble Cemetery isn’t like most.

A recent New York Times profile chronicles the cemetery’s reinvention into a dignified event space in order to support itself and pay for repairs. It’s something that benefits from the fact that you won’t actually see a tombstone there. All of the remains interred at the New York Marble Cemetery are in 156 underground vaults, in which the last body was laid to rest in 1937. Hence, you have a very grassy, serene garden of green in the middle of the East Village. Full of dead people. But go ahead, throw a party there. It’ll liven up.

(Photo: las.photographs/flickr)