A Stiff Cocked Hat

05.22.09 Copyranter

O.K. CondomsWell, this is a red headpiece the Pope will never wear. Poster ad by Istanbul’s RPM Radar for O.K. brand “hot touch” condoms…”more pleasure with its warming effect…” From their website, translated by Google: ‘Hot Contact’ Christ is preparing to upgrade the fire! genital region of the heat through the heater contains the cream of the body temperature 3-4 degrees higher in the ignition, and is more than ready! Christ is preparing to do WHAT? Have I found a secret message forewarning the next Apocalypse? Anyway, I’m thinking it’s already hot enough down there in the ignition. Maybe Turkish women run a little colder than normal? Happy fucking Friday, fuckers.
|Image: adsoftheworld|