Screw Your Brain With The Aboveground Animation Show

09.06.12 Marina Galperina

Peek this trailer for tonight’s Aboveground Animation showcase at Ramiken Crucible on Grand Street. There is delightful mind-fuckery going on. The one-night screening event will feature new, interlinked video work from twenty-five artists from around the globe and giant globs of intestinally shaped psycho-membrane shooting out of a CGI breast. In the forrest. Also, black goo, cyber creatures morphing and copulating, and a warm feeling of love. Or terror. Also, that handsome fellow from SSION; it’s like an earthquake.

Browsing around the archives of Aboveground Animation has turned up some of the most unrestrained weirdness we’ve stumbled on recently. See you tonight. Aboveground Animation Showcase, Thursday, September 6th @ 8PM, Ramiken Crucible, 389 Grand St. NYC