ACLU Sues the LA County Sherrif’s Department for Harassing Photographers

10.28.11 Marina Galperina

It’s go time. Because this shit is happening everywhere, the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and its deputies for harassing, detaining, searching, manhandling and threatening to put street photographers on the FBI “hit list.” True story.

The lawsuit ask to court to instruct the Sheriff’s Department that photography is not a crime, it’s protected by the 1st Amendment and they need to stop misusing “suspicious activity reporting” under the guise of Homeland Security and counterterrorism efforts and stop singling out people “while they’re pursuing a constitutionally protected activity.” It’s “doubly wrong.” The lawsuit is also seeking damages.

This is one of the cases cited. Watch photography rights activist and amazing photog discarted/Shawn Nee not being treated so nice. Like so:

“Why are you taking pictures?” “It’s not illegal.” “You’re not getting it… You are in cahoots with Al-Qaeda!”