ACLU's Photographers' Rights Cartoon & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

02.10.12 Marina Galperina

NAMESince cops coast to coast have suddenly forgotten that it’s our constitutional right to photograph what happens in the street and have been pushing around pros and citizen journalists alike, the ACLU, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the Gregory Brothers made this cartoon.

That cartoon Ben Franklin floating above OWS happenings makes some solid points: Yes, you can photograph and videotape police activity, and just because someone in uniform doesn’t want the world to see him pepper-spraying people in the face, too bad.

This collaboration from Teafaerie, the ACLU, Hollywood’s pretend-bike-messenger and those guys that auto-tuned human YouTube memes into Double Rainbow and the Bed Intruder songs is the School House Rock for the year 2012. Adorable, but solid.