Ad Creep Update: Woman In Suitcase

05.07.09 Copyranter


Ad Creep Update is a regular feature on ANIMAL documenting the spreading epidemic of advertising media placement seeping into every nook and cranny of your daily life. “Anything to declare?” “Yes, one blonde slave.” If you’re a world traveler, you may have noticed the growing trend of ads on luggage conveyor belts. Well, Amnesty International in Germany recently raised the airport ad creepage alert level to red. According to AI, over 500,000 women and girls are victims of human trafficking every year. To indelibly imprint this into the minds of Deutschlanders, the human rights organization crammed a young volunteer into a clear suitcase and plopped her on carousels in German airports. I guess they got the authorities’ permission? “Stoppt Menschenhandel” translate as “stop slave trade.” No word on how long the shifts were for Frau Flexible. Jump for video footage of the creepy event.

|Images and video: IBIA|