Adorable Voina Child Stabs Pictures of the Russian Police

11.25.11 Marina Galperina

NAMEDmitri “Skif” Putehin of Other Russia could face two years in prison for throwing a glass of water at a prosecutor at the trial of his friend. Protest artist crew Voina made this family video in support of the imprisoned activist. Little Kasper the Striking Falcon isn’t a fan of the Ru po-po.

In this video (censored on YouTube for some reason), we see Oleg “Thief” Vorotnikov reading an illustrated baby book to his son who then proceeds to mercilessly beat and stab the image of a Russian copper. After mommy activist Natalia “Kozlenok” Sokol tells him to stop ruining the book, he gibbershly declares an enthusiastic dislike of the authority figure, but can you really blame him?

Now, yes, worried Jesus Camp flashbacks are fully justified because obviously, Kasper wasn’t born with this anti-authoritarian gusto (or was he?). Somehow, I’m not disturbed by this. He is, after all, the Voina heir and being prepared for that legacy won’t hurt as much as the alternative.

So, to sum up, Skif is currently being persecuted for his “assault”/sprinkling some water on the prosecutor, mostly because the prosecutor mistook Skif’s protest yell of “Never forget, never forgive!” as “Die, prosecutor, die!” Naturally, Voina isn’t a stranger to such legal exaggerations, themselves having faced seven years in prison for their performance art piece pitched as a “hate crime” against cops.

Mostly, Kasper’s chanting “Freedom! Freedom!” and his parents agree.

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